Responsive Web Design - LoveTech's Approach

There is a time and a place for responsive web design: Now and Always!. An interesting time lays before us- The internet is evolving daily to better support nearly all tasks in the world. At LoveTech, our approach to responsive web development is simple: use the finest available open source resources and fill in the gaps with LoveTech plugins when appropriate.

We love the Materialize and Bootstrap frameworks and especially like their approach to responsive grids and to the hiding of certain elements based on screen size. We didn't like that the frameworks had a lot of bloat and that the size classes were based on the screen width instead of the parent element width so we developed two lightweight plugins to help in these cases, ChakraGrid and StackAt.

At LoveTech, we start our responsive design journey with a simple & beautiful page design consisting of the header, the menu, the main page content, and the footer. Obviously, much of the design work depends on whether you are building a corporate site, single page application, or a multiple page web system but in any case, it is crucial that the page frame looks great and is easy to use on smartphone, tablet, and computer screens of all sizes.

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