Responsive Web Design - LoveTech's Approach

An interesting time lays before us
Americans have an average of 5 internet connected devices. The internet is billions of connected minds, servers, PCs, and smart devices. The content that the human collective can produce with the right tools is astonishing. The internet is evolving daily to better support nearly all tasks in the world.
It is becoming easier than ever to produce web content that looks great on all screen sizes. The art of designing easy-to-manage content that adapts to various screen widths is called responsive development
The 2 Rules of Responsive:
  1. Horizontal content on large content should stack on small screens
  2. Content should be hidden on small screens when appropriate
The tools:
  • CSS
    @media rules: min-width and max-width
  • StackAt
    StackAt.js allows developers to easily build horizontal content that stacks on smaller screens.
  • Responsive Grids
    Bootstrap Grid

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