We Love Files and Data

Storing users' data and files is one of the best ways to get lock-in for your application.
You need a robust solution for storing and replicating your data and files that inspires confidence.
HugeGlobal developers can rest assured knowing their users' data is stored redundantly on company hardware at a fraction of the price of Amazon and Azure.

No Limits

Start small and add servers and hard drives as your userbase and their storage requirements grow.


Utilize datacenters in different regions of the world to serve your visitors optimally based on their location

Easy To Manage

With HugeGlobal, you're always in control

Free & Unlimited Storage

No usage fee, scale as much as needed.

Clustering Made Easy

"All we are saying is give peace a chance." - John Lennon

Cluster Hardware

Need a package of world class servers, hard drives, with cluster management software with data & file synchronizing? Manz Computers is the exclusive HugeGlobal hardware distributor.