Buyers Search The Internet For Buying Information

Let's Help Them Find Your Company

Keyword Consulting

The first step of any serious SEO strategy is deciding which keywords to target to reach your most valuable target audience(s) when they are researching to buy.

Consumers Trust Search Results

Most intelligent buyers are weary of ads because they are usually traps and a waste of time. On the other hand, most people respect the authority of companies that rank first for valuable searches.

Sites & Landing Pages

Whether you need an awesome new site or want to extend the one you already have, LoveTech has your back! The next step after deciding which keywords to target is to create pages that you want searchers to find. These pages should be highly customized to the keyword and the messaging should be compelling to entice visitors to take the next step and reach out to you for help.

Billions of Links

We have dozens of web sites across the web with an estimated 5x101,000 total pages. Once we have a strategy for a client, we add billions of backlinks throughout our network of sites. This results in a massive boost for your pages in the targeted keyword searches.

You'll Love The Results

Your company will love the change in dynamic that customers coming to you creates.

Learn and Improve

We form long term relationships with our clients which means that we adjust our SEO strategy with each client as their needs evolve and we learn from the traffic. When our clients launch new products or services or identify new valuable audiences, we are there to assist in increasing the visibility.

Custom Sites for Backlinks

Just as LoveTech has developed a private network of websites for linking to our clients, we also work with come clients to build custom sites entirely for their backlinks.

Digital Marketing

Identify and engage profitable target audiences and maximize conversions with strategic remarketing.

SEO Services

Web Development

LoveTech specializes in building easy-to-use web based applications and systems. Whether you need a simple corporate site or a complex database system with user accounts and roles, LoveTech can help you manifest your vision into reality.

Billions of Links

We love storing tons of data and helping our clients design and implement the perfect databases for their existing and future initiatives.

Keyword/ Target Audience Analysis & Strategy Development

In addition to managed cloud options from the world's best hosting providers, LoveTech and our hardware provider Manz Computers can equip your office with computers & servers for all the computational power and storage capacity you need.

Digital Marketing

People will purchase whatever brings them the most utility, but they have to know that the product exists. Shine a light on your products or services through strategic advertising and social media initiatives to profitable target audiences.